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Shuangliu Lakeside Concert

Jackson was honored and excited to play a set for the amazing audience in the Shuangliu district of Chengdu on July 27. The fans couldn’t be better anywhere else in the world. Attached is an article published right after the event. Thank you for the awesome reception!

Just Happened in the Konggang Central Park Tonight… It’s not too late yet!

What a lively Scene!

What was happening? 

2019Chengdu Sister Cities Youth Music Festival-Shuangliu Stage

Tonight (27), 2019 Chengdu Sister Cities Youth Music Festival-Shuangliu Stage, host by Chengdu city government, Chengdu Foreign Affair Office, Chengdu Shuangliu District Office, opened at Fengxiang Lake Park. Meanwhile, nearly 210 young musicians from 18 performance teams from 14 countries (regions) in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania, and 3 local performance teams performed on the same stage. They played a new era of international exchange and cooperation. 

Beautiful summer scenery in Fengxiang Lake Park

Attracted many local people come to join.

It was crowded, 

Cut through the sky above the Fengxiang Lake

Various beautiful melodies around the ears

Inspired them to enjoy with all their passion

expecting the bright future and hope

If you ask since when the Shuangliu People

It must be this moment. 

Jazz, electric guitar and other different styles of music

The talents of domestic and foreign musicians are impressive

New Zealand Hamilton 

The unique Bashu performance from Chengdu, China

Whenever there is music, there is dance

Along the songs that are passionate and emotional, 

The applause from the audience broke out and never stopped.

Music as the bridge of the cultural exchange, 

Shuangliu as a sub-meeting venue arranged supplemental activities for foreign artists who came to perform this time.

Guzheng, calligraphy, tea art, paper-cut, sugar painting

Learn more about Chinese traditional culture

It also shows the qualities of Chengdu as a historical and cultural city.

Let’s wave the light stick in your hands, 

On August 8th

will be host in Chengdu

Is the warm-up for this special event

Open more doors of international communication for Shuangliu

Boosting the overall opening of the region

Now, the problem is

That’s okay


There will be another concert

East Plaza of Fengxiang Lake Park in Shuangliu