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Shuangliu Lakeside Concert

Jackson was honored and excited to play a set for the amazing audience in the Shuangliu district of Chengdu on July 27. The fans couldn’t be better anywhere else in the world. Attached is an article published right after the event. Thank you for the awesome reception!


Back in China!

Jackson is excited to be back in China for the Chengdu Sister Cities Music Festival (Shuangliu and Dujiangyan) as well as shows in Shifang Hidden Valley and ChongqingTestbed 2.


Foxhedge Sessions: Fall Out

Fall Out live version is now available to watch here…"I let you in, you were more than a friend, stories we’d tell of us raising hell, was gonna love you to the end.”


Flora Farms Songwriter Sessions

San Jose del Cabo friends, Jackson is happy to announce he will be part of the upcoming Flora Farms Songwriter Sessions on Wednesday November 28th.


Bluebird Cafe

Join Jackson and Kathy Ashworth for what will be another very special night at the Bluebird Cafe on November 9 at 6:30 pm.